Welcome to the Computer Repair Technicians Alliance.

The Computer Repair Technicians Alliance was formed to provide support to qualified computer technicians and to insure that consumers have a reliable source to locate, vet and contact professional technicians for their computer repair needs.

A technician can not just pay a fee and join the CRTA. To insure that only the most qualified persons become CRTA members all prospective technicians go through an extensive review process before being allowed to join the alliance, which includes identity and certification verification as well as testing of the technicians skillset.

This verification is done by computer repair experts so that you can be sure that all CRTA members are highly qualified people. Less than 10% pass all the required steps to become a CRTA member. Which means that when you work with a CRTA member technician, your getting only the best of the best.

All registered CRTA members agree to follow the standards of the CRTA thus helping to insure a quality computer repair experience with any CRTA member technician. Always remember when looking for a technician to ask if they are a CRTA member. If they are not a member, ask why not?