About the Computer Repair Technicians Alliance

The Computer Repair Technicians Alliance or (CRTA) was formed because of the almost total lack of any set standards in the computer repair industry.

In many parts of the world there are currently no standards whatsoever and anybody can claim to be a computer repair professional without so much as a single test. This has led to widespread consumer confusion and disappointment . Where many people looking to find a qualified computer repair technician have nothing in the way of proof as to a technicians ability.

While there are a few certifications that will confirm a minimum skillset
(about 6 to 9 months in the industry) there has been no standard until the formation of the CRTA that proved a technician had a professional level skill set in computer repair and maintenance.

Today consumers can confirm they will always get expert level computer repair by choosing an CRTA member technician. Knowing ahead of time that the CRTA member technician has already been vetted by the CRTA.

FAQ’s for Technicians.

Today it is very hard for consumers to find highly qualified technicians to work with their equipment and data. Almost anybody can slap together a website in a few hours and then claim to be a computer technician. And a quick check online will turn up 100’s of “Techs” who have done just that.

So it becomes very hard for legitimate technicians, who have training and years if not decades of repair experience under their belt to stand out from the sea of inexperienced “techs”.

CRTA members stand out from this crowd by going through a review process that proves accepted members are real, skilled technicians.

The CRTA then helps members promote their business to their customers by providing proof of your qualifications online at this website so that you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

As we require real physical proof of all claims consumers know that an CRTA member technician is a highly qualified person, worth trusting and doing business with.

Below is a list of the requirements to become a member…

1. Provide proof that you have been a computer repair technician for 5 or more years.

2. Provide proof of at least (3) current certifications or degrees from a body outside of the CRTA that applies to computer repair.

3. Provide proof of identity with current ID who’s name matches that of any provided certification or degree.

4. Provide proof of any and all business licenses that may be required for your country, state or city.

5. Pass the CRTA Online Computer Repair Technician test with a score of 95% or higher.

All information provided by you will be verified by CRTA staff members.

Membership dues are $9.99 a month.

Once your information has been accepted you will then be notified via email to appear online for the CRTA Computer Repair Technician exam.

If you should not provide all the information needed above or fail your CRTA exam then you may re-submit your application and re-test after one year has passed.

While it is harder to obtain a CRTA membership then most other technician organizations, a membership with the CRTA proves to both you and your customers that you are rated as one of the best computer repair technicians in your peer group.

Please remember that many fail to obtain CRTA membership status. The CRTA asks that you read and understand in full all the above requirements and make sure your qualified before applying. If your not sure that you are qualified please contact us before starting the review process.