Fine Google and pay

google changes android terms after eu ruling
google changes android terms after eu ruling

In what some are calling retaliation to a five billion dollar fine levied against Google by the EU, the search behemoth has announced that manufacturers will soon have to pay a licensing fees for devices destined for use inside the EU’s Economic Area (EEA) that use Google pre-installed apps.

While technically the Android O/S is free to use, many of its advanced features require Google software packages to work with modern cell phones. Which means the majority of manufactures use Android with Google pre-install apps installed.

Google has said  that its mobile application suite (Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, etc…) will in the near future require  license fees if the phones will be used in the EU and may even need separate licenses if the phones use Google search and Google’s chrome web browser.

Google announced  these new fees may go into effect as early as October 29th. Some insiders claim that this is just a shot across the EU’s bow, as the Company is currently appealing the EU’s antitrust ruling.